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Khung Wiman Beach, dinner by the beautiful sea, Chanthaburi.

You can sit and have dinner by the sea at this Kung Wiman Beach. Many local Thai dishes such as sweet and sour Thai papaya salad, spicy and sour pickled crab, papaya salad with crab,Grilled Chicken, Grilled Pork Neck, Boiled Squid, Grilled Squid and many other menus. Shops line the beach. You walk to find a shop that you like.

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Chao Lao Beach. Let’s go to the beach in Chanthaburi Thailand together.

Hello, welcome to “Tourism in Thailand” Today I will take you to the sea. Chao Lao Beach in Chanthaburi There is a beautiful sea for you to relax. Of course, you can also sunbathe. I want you to come to visit this place one time. Chanthaburi is a land of seas, waterfalls, mountains, giving you endless travel opportunities.

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Khao Sukim Temple. Beautiful temple of Chanthaburi , Tourism Thailand.

Khao Sukim Temple this is the first story I wrote in English and my English isn’t so great but I’ll try. Khao Sukim Temple has a large area and is very shady. You will see many large Buddha statues on the side of the pond. You can sit at the front or stand on the side and take photos with the Buddha statue and is strictly forbidden to sit or stand on the Buddha statue.

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