Cha-am Beach

Cha-am Beach is 41 km. from Phetchaburi city and approximately 170 km. from Bangkok. The beautiful and famous beach of Phetchaburi, Thailand.

It is well known by tourists. Many shops and services along the beach include restaurants, trampoline rentals, horseback riding, ski boats, etc.

Tourist attractions around Cha-am Beach

Cha-am Beach

In the past, it was called Cha-an because it was a place for cleaning and washing horse saddles.  (The word “Cha” in Thai means cleaning; the word “Aan” means saddle.)

In the past, the Cha-am seaside was still a wilderness. Villagers who immigrated to farm and fish. At the seaside, there are small fishing villages and quiet and beautiful nature.

Currently, the highlight of Cha-am tourism is aside from the long white sand beaches, visiting the mangrove forest, bird watching, and getting on a boat to catch squid. Another highlight of Cha-am is seafood, especially blue crabs.

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Tourist attractions around Cha-am

  • Bang Kao Beach
    • This place is an unseen mysterious land because, if not a local person would not know, the beach is hidden in a fishing village. With a good atmosphere, a beautiful sea, and trees lined up in rows by the sea, it is a very romantic place to watch the sunset.
  • Maruekhathaiyawan Palace
    • This palace is a mix of Thai and European art. Therefore, this place is a highlight that is recommended for tourists to come to see. The palace is located next to the sea. The atmosphere is quiet. There are many beautiful corners for taking photos.
  • Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park
    • This name comes from the shape of the mountain resembling a giant woman in Thai literature. This place is also in the Chao Lai Yai Mountain Range and the Chom Prasat Mountain Range. It is a nature study route and another very good landmark that we want tourists to come to see.
  • Cha-am Khiri Temple
    • This place is another unseen one. This temple has been an old temple since the Ayutthaya period. Bodhi leaf-shaped cave, Shady atmosphere, and Green forest cover It is also home to a Buddha image and a pagoda. Whoever comes to this place, don’t forget to pay respects for good fortune.
  • Cha-am Beach
    • The main beach of Phetchaburi Province is Cha-am Beach. When coming to this city, you must come to Cha-am Beach. In this beach area there are many activities to do, such as horseback riding, cycling, banana boating, or jet skiing. It is a great vacation spot near Bangkok.

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Tourists can travel to Cha-am beach easily, from Bangkok, they can take a van from the southern bus station to Cha-am city and then take a motorbike to the beach.