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Chao Lao Beach. Let’s go to the beach in Chanthaburi Thailand together.

Hello friends, welcome to my travel journey. I am a mama bear, do you remember me? Today I will take you to Chao Lao Beach.

The sea in Chanthaburi is very beautiful. Especially in winter, the water is clear, the wind is calm and the weather is cool. I rarely meet foreign tourists. Let’s travel to Chanthaburi.

I’m surprised that Chanthaburi is not well known to foreign tourists. Chanthaburi is a province in the eastern region of Thailand.

The sea in Chanthaburi Chao Lao Beach travel in Chanthaburi

The Chao Lao Beach is on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

Very easy to travel because it is only 245 kilometers from Bangkok. I want to everyone to Chao Lao Beach. It is not far from the city.

Convenient transportation because there is a taxi service available. Chao Lao Beach is famous for its beauty.

Chao Lao Beach chanthaburi sea travel in Thailand come to visit Thailand

There is a fine red sandy beach that is unique to the sea here. The water is clear, the waves are not strong, it is a beach that is not on the road.

There is a resort in the middle. If you want to sunbathe You can sit in the resort’s restaurant. You can order food or drinks and swim in the sea or sunbathe in that area.

Chao Lao Beach is a very long sandy beach. During the winter of Thailand, It is an ideal climate for foreign tourists. because the weather is not too hot sunlight shines warm.

 travel thailand You will fall in love with the sea in Chanthaburi.

Before the spread of COVID-19, most tourists headed to Trat. The destination is Koh Chang. I want you guys to come and visit Chao Lao first.

Because here the beach is beautiful as that of Koh Chang. The various rooms or resorts are unbeatable prices, clean, convenient, good atmosphere, close to the beach, shady, private, and safe.

I can recommend you a beautiful and shady resort. to be an option for you. Burapha Beach Resort, the rooms here face the sea and have a swimming pool.

Travel in Thailand Chao Lao Thailand beach

There is a free buffet breakfast for guests. There is a restaurant where the chef cooks very delicious food. With beach chairs for tourists to sit and relax.

The rooms in this resort have privacy, to relax in silence. I Recommend staying at Burapha Beach Resort.

If you like seafood You must not miss a visit to Chao Lao Beach. Because here there is fishing by local villagers. Bring fresh seafood to sell at the market at a cheap price.

chanthaburi sea Burapha Beach Resort

Chao Lao Beach is not only a beach. There are still many attractions nearby. It is a popular tourist destination for foreign tourists.

If you come to Chanthaburi, you must stop here. Otherwise, it will be considered that you haven’t arrived in Chanthaburi.

I’ll tell you about the places to visit in the next part. Don’t forget to share my story with your friends as well.

Map of  Chao Lao Beach for tourism Thailand

Thank you very much and thank you for following me on the fan page. Next time, I will take you to see the most beautiful viewpoint in Chanthaburi. See you again.