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Grandpa and Grandma ghosts

Chapter 3: Grandpa and Grandma Ghosts.

The ghost of the owner of the place or the ghost of the grandparents are ghosts that Thai people believe will take care of and protect everyone in the house to be happy.

This belief has been around since ancient times, with each house having a small wooden shrine set up for the ghosts of grandparents to live in.

Songs for worshipping grandparents, owners of the land, and owners of roads (Thai song version)

Grandpa and Grandma Ghosts

The story of beliefs about the setting up of the shrine of the ghosts has been around for a long time.

I was born and saw that my house already had a shrine of my grandparents’ ghosts set up in front of the house.

According to many folktales, the spirits of our grandparents will contribute to the happiness of our home and bring good things into the owner’s life,

such as employment, wealth, or protection from harm. The ghosts of the land owners, or the ghosts of the grandparents, are divided into 2 types:

  • The ghost of the real land owner is the original owner of the land who died but was not reborn because he chose to live in, take care of, and protect his own original land area.
  • A wandering ghost is a spirit, a wandering spirit living in that area. When the original owner passed away, that ghost came to live instead in that area.

The story of the grandfather ghost and grandmother ghost

The story of the grandfather ghost and grandmother ghost

Many Thai people believe in ghosts, spirits, gods, sacred objects, angels, heaven, and hell. Many tourists may have seen a small house.

Two houses are made of wood or cement. Located in front of the house is the house of sacred things, the landowner’s house, or the grandparents’ ghost house.

For anyone who believes in ghosts, mysterious things, and spirits, the admin has a mysterious story about Grandpa and Grandma ghosts to tell you.

A resort near Chao Lao Beach, Chanthaburi, Thailand. There is a story that The resort’s grandparents’ ghosts are very kind.

Ancestor Ghost pay respect to the ghost

Welcome to the resort.

People who have a 6th sense might be able to see their grandparents in their dreams, they give very accurate lottery results, and many customers who stayed in this resort have already won the lottery money.

Any tourists who want to get lottery tickets from the ghosts of grandparents, can stay at that resort and not have to worry about being haunted by scary things in movies, the ghosts of grandparents at this resort are very kind.