Koh Larn tourist attractions

Continuing from the previous article, I introduced the trail-running race “KOH LARN TRAIL 2024” in Pattaya, Thailand. But I forgot to introduce the tourist attractions. This time, I bring the Koh Larn tourist attractions to all of you.

Koh Larn tourist attractions

For tourists who want to feel the sea breeze, play in clear water, and enjoy beautiful, clean white sand beaches, I recommend you travel to Koh Larn.

Koh Larn is close to Pattaya City, Chonburi. You can take a ferry to the island in no time. Even though you can’t bring your car onto the island, you can find car rental shops at affordable prices.

For tourists who don’t know how to ride a motorcycle, you don’t have to worry because on the island there is a motorcycle service for pick-up and drop-off between the beaches, with prices based on distance.

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Let’s go to Koh Larn

Sangwan Beach wooden bridge,

It is a place that anyone who comes to Koh Larn must visit. It is one of the most beautiful photo spots in Koh Larn. It is a wooden bridge connecting to Tawaen Beach.

Tawaen Beach,
It’s like a landmark that tourists must travel to. It’s a very lively beach. We saw many foreign tourists, clear seawater, and fine white-sand beaches. You can swim and do water sports activities. There is a restaurant on the beach.

Windmill view point,
This viewpoint is located near Samae Beach and is very beautiful, offering a good view of the various beaches located on Koh Larn. You can also see views of the Pattaya coast.

Khao Yai Yanwarodom Wararam Temple,
There is a large statue of Luang Pu Thuat enshrined in the Mutelu style, popular with tourists. They often travel to pay homage, pay homage, and ask for blessings. This temple area has beautiful scenery, and you can see Koh Larn from 360 degrees as well.

Hatthian wooden bridge
Photography spot, another beautiful sea viewpoint in Koh Larn. It’s a long wooden bridge that runs along the seaside. Of course, we can easily show off the photos on Instagram to make our friends envious.

Khao Nom Viewpoint,
This viewpoint The most beautiful is Koh Larn. Located in the area of ​​Ban Ko Lan Public Service Unit, many people may not know this viewpoint because it is a secret spot known only to certain groups. A beautiful sky, a blue sea, and a cool sea breeze—who doesn’t like that? I recommend that when you come to Koh Larn, you don’t forget to stop by the Khao Nom view point.

Koh Larn tourist attractions

Koh Larn tourist attractions, Hopefully, my little information about tourist attractions will make you feel interested and want to travel to Thailand.