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The Krasue Ghost

Chapter 1: The Krasue Ghost.

Welcome to Thailand’s eerie legend. I am not sure if the “ghosts” are the same in every nation. I want to share some ghost stories from my country. I think those of you reading this are hoping this night goes well. Do not imagine yourself as the protagonist in our tale.

The Krasue Ghost, Stories of haunting legends.

Krasue ghost is a ghost with an old legend from Thailand. People in the past said that this type of ghost was a ghost that only possessed old women.

These ghosts are active at night. They will eat raw food. Food that smells fishy. When everyone in the village went to bed, they turned off the lights An old woman who was possessed by a Krasue ghost removed her head and entrails from her body, arms, and legs, left her body on the bed, and floated out of the house.

Grandma and Grandpa said that in the past, there were no hospitals. Women who are about to give birth have a “midwife” in Thai, called a midwife, whose job is to help give birth. After giving birth, the midwife takes the placenta and blood-stained cloth, places them in a clay pot, and buries them away from the house. To prevent ghosts from stealing the placenta and eating it.

Krasue leaves its body at night to find food and returns before the sun rises. Krasue will not harm anyone who happens to see it.

But if the person it hates meets it, I can tell you that it’s very unlucky, and it will come and attack the person it hates, immediately taking revenge on it.

When attacked or dying, an old woman possessed by a Krasue ghost must find a new body to replace her.

The method of finding a representative is very disgusting. At night, a Krasue ghost floats around looking for a young woman.

The Krasue ghosts will spit saliva into their mouths for women to eat. That poor woman will become the next Krasue ghost. And the old woman will die the next day.

Krasue Ghost, Stories of haunting legends.

Do you believe it or not?

Krasue is found in many countries. There is a Krasue ghost myth prevalent in Southeast Asia. The appearance of Krasue ghosts found in nearby Thailand is similar. Has internal organs and a head.

The heart will have a flashing yellow, red, or green light. Floating through the air, this type of ghost moves.

This type of ghost likes to eat rotten, smelly food as well as fresh food with a bloody smell. Old people tell the legend of Phi Kra Suea, also known as Phi dragging intestines.

 Drama about ghost Krasue.

The krasue ghost identity

  • During the day, it is normal for young or old women.
  • Talk and smile like a normal person.
  • When it’s nighttime, women possessed by ghosts have their heads and internal organs removed from their bodies.
  • Float out to find food to eat. Whether it’s rotten things, animal carcasses, animal excrement, human excrement, fresh or savory items.
  • If you see lights floating around without hearing the sound of footsteps, it might be a Krasue ghost. Please walk away quietly.

The krasue ghost identity

Many people have experienced it, but none have been able to record it, so I cannot determine whether it is real or not. It depends on your personal beliefs. Do you think the Krasue ghost story is true?