Wat Mang-Korn Buppha Ram , Leng Hua Yi

I will take you to see Chinese temple-style art and culture in Chanthaburi, Thailand. Leng Hua Yi is a very old temple with a stunning Thai name: Wat Mang-Korn Buppha Ram. You must not miss this location if you appreciate Chinese culture.

(Mang-Korn means “dragon”, Buppha means “flower”, and Ram means “building”.)

Wat Mang-Korn Buppha Ram

Wat Mang-Korn Buppha Ram , Leng Hua Yi, Chanthaburi, Thailand.

According to the beliefs of Thai and Chinese people, they believe that coming to pay respects at this temple will bring good luck and ward off bad luck. (Personal convictions)

Wat Mang-Korn Buppha Ram is located at Phlio Subdistrict, Laem Sing District, Chanthaburi, on the main road, a few kilometers from Phlio Waterfall. This temple was built in 1977 as a blend of Thai and Chinese Buddhist art.

In front of the temple is a building that houses statues of Thao-ja-tu-lok-ka-ban (angels) and Maitreya Bodhisattva. It has the shape of Chinese architecture, with a stacked 3-story roof enshrining three Buddha statues.

The atmosphere in the temple is shady, not hot, and there is a constant breeze blowing through.

Leng Hua Yi, Chanthaburi, Thailand.

How to make a wish.

To enter Wat Mang-Korn Buppha Ram , one must take off his shoes at the entrance to the temple. The floor in front is very hot.

Should wear thick socks. To prevent heat, make a merit of 30 baht and receive incense sticks for paying homage to 10 gods by looking at the numbers 1-10 in front of the gods.

You can do the following if you want to banish bad luck and bad things from your life.

1. Perform meritorious deeds to obtain the red, gold, and silver papers.

2. On a piece of red paper, you jot down your full name, birthday, and zodiac sign.

3. Ask the gods to perform a ritual to remove negative elements from the body by making a wish to them.

4. Chinese monks will bring our red paper and perform ceremonies to increase our good fortune so that we can stay safe all year.

Wat Thai

Rituals are personal beliefs, as I’ve already stated. You can wander the temple and take in its beauty if you don’t want to participate in the rituals.

The beauty of Thai-Chinese art culture is that it is designed to blend perfectly. A water store is located in front of the temple if you’re thirsty. Affordable prices are offered for coconut water, soft drinks, and chilled water.


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