Travel in Thailand. Thailand’s rainy season. Forest near the city.

Travel in Thailand, Thailand’s rainy season. Who said there is no place to travel in the rainy season? You can travel to Thailand in a rain suit. I guarantee this trip will be an enjoyable experience.

Today, I will introduce five places to visit near Bangkok. A place for traveling during the rainy season, the atmosphere is good, too beautiful to describe. If you have a chance to travel to Thailand, don’t forget the five tourist attractions that I’m about to talk about.

Amazing Thailand tourism thailand Thailand's rainy season

Travel in Thailand, Thailand’s rainy season. See the beautiful sea of mist near Bangkok.

If you enjoy cool temperatures, light rain, and morning fog. Five tourist hotspots are what I pinned today. That will make you say “wow” when you awaken.

Khao Thevada Mountain, Suphan Buri

This attraction is located in Suphan Buri Province. About 250 miles separate it from Bangkok. At 1,123 meters above sea level, Huai Kha Khaeng Forest is located.

When you arrive at the Phu Toei National Park Office, there will be a visitor center, tent sites, showers, and toilets to serve tourists, but not a point for hiking up the mountain.

Khao Thevada Mountain unseen thailand

Unseen Suphan Buri

Before you can walk to the top of the mountain, you will need a 4WD vehicle to get to the Ta Phen Khee. You can get in touch with the park and ask them to find a service car to deliver if you don’t have a personal vehicle that can travel off-road. (A fee is involved.)

Make reservations by getting in touch two to three days before your trip. There is a camping area at the top that is managed by the national park. There are no eateries or supermarkets. In addition to your tent, you should bring enough food and water.

When you arrive at the campground, you have to pay the park fees. The camping area has a rental fee, and if you have a car, you must pay extra to have access for it. (Maintenance Fee for National Parks)

Get a lot of sleep, please. Save your strength for the mountain hike the following day. At 4.30 a.m., a park ranger’s car service will pick you up and drop you off at the trailhead for the hike up the Khao Tewada Mountain.


Pha Kep Tawan Viewpoint, Travel in Thailand

Located in Thap Lan National Park is Pha Kep Tawan. Thailand’s province of Nakhon Ratchasima. For those who enjoy camping, this location is a popular campground.

The sea of mist in the mornings is something I enjoy. Travellers can choose to go to Pha Kep Tawan View Point. I advise you to visit during the rainy season. The weather is cool.

Campground in Nakhon Ratchasima

This campground is in the middle of the wilderness. The camping area is very roomy. If you don’t already own a tent, you can rent one from the staff, but you are welcome to bring your own. Toilets and showers are available at the campground, but electricity is not available.

Pha Kep Tawan Travel in Thailand

The experience of sleeping under the stars and waking up early to witness the breathtaking sunrise will leave you speechless.

Slingshot shooting of seed bullets is one of the most popular tourist activities. By launching the seeds into the forest, we are assisting in the planting of the forest to protect the environment. Increase the supply of oxygen on our planet.


Nern Chang Suek, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Travel in the rainy season in Thailand. Nern Chang Suek, a breathtaking vantage point, is located atop a mountain in Thong Pha Phum National Park. You can sit and watch the sunset while experiencing the sea of mist.

At the top of Doi Pilok, a vantage point on the Thai-Myanmar border, visitors to Nern Chang Suek must check-in. It is possible to see all around.

Amazing Thailand

You must navigate a total of 399 curves on the way to this location. I advise anyone who experiences motion sickness in a car to take medication and get some rest.

Doi Pilok Peak, also known as Nern Chang Suek, is a tall mountain that rises about 1,053 meters above sea level.

Because Pilok is located between the Thai and Myanmar borders. As a result, this region is where Border Patrol Police Force Base 135—or Chang Suek Base, as the locals call it—is situated.

Nern Chang Suek tourism thailand Travel in Thailand

Many travellers want to visit this location to witness the beauty of the mist. Get up early to see the sunrise in the morning and enjoy watching the sky at sunset.

This location is excellent for camping for all the various reasons that have already been mentioned. Visitors will spend the night at Ban E-Tong before climbing up to see Noen Chang Suek’s view.

Restaurants, coffee shops, markets, and residences can be found in the Baan E-Tong area. It can be said that it is a small community that is prepared to welcome guests.

We advise you to bring a personal tent up to the camping area at Nern Chang Suek if anyone enjoys a quiet setting free of light, colour, and sound. Tourists are permitted to set up tents on the helipad and lawn.

The Nern Chang Suek Camping Ground offers restrooms and showers. You will have to bring your own food and personal items because there are no stores or restaurants nearby.


Thailand's rainy season Travel in Thailand

I’d like to introduce you to two additional attractions. Not less beautiful than the other three places I’ve mentioned, it is a popular tourist destination.

In the following episode, I’ll discuss two more tourist destinations in Thailand that Thai visitors frequently visit during the wet season and, most importantly, are close to Bangkok. Click to read.

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