Chao Lao Beach Chanthaburi

Chao Lao Beach Chanthaburi, Thailand, is a province that has seas, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, dams, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, and many other tourist attractions but is not very prominent in tourism and may be poor in public relations.

The admin moved from Bangkok and has been living in Chanthaburi for 9 years now. There aren’t as many people visiting the beach as in Rayong or Koh Chang.

Chanthaburi is less than 250 kilometers from Bangkok, not taking long to travel. In addition to your car, you can take the bus from Mo Chit to Chanthaburi city and rent a car to drive around.

Chao Lao Beach Chanthaburi

Chao Lao Beach is the closest beach to Bangkok, with only a handful of beaches close to the capital. Tourists can admire the beauty of coral reefs.

Tourists can use the glass bottom boat service to view the beauty under the sea. The capacity per boat can seat approximately 5–20 people. Service prices are approximately 800-1,400 baht, subject to agreement with the boat owner.

Chao Lao is a popular landmark for tourists, with many seafood restaurants to choose from or a seafood buffet starting at 399 baht.

You don’t have to worry about accommodations because along the road there are many styles of accommodation to choose from, including resorts, hotels, pool villas, homestays, and other types.

You can choose whether you want accommodation by the sea or rooms not next to the sea that are cheap, starting at only 500 baht per night, I recommend Lung Theep Resort for its economical price, good service, and very good customer care

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Tourist attractions around Chao Lao Beach

 Chao Lao Beach Chanthaburi, has many tourist attractions. I will introduce popular attractions for tourists.

  • Kung Krabaen Bay Development Study Center

    • You can come and tour the nature of the mangrove forest, complete with walking trails to study the mangrove ecosystem.
      This place is popular with many couples for pre-wedding photography because of the beautiful atmosphere and romantic sunlight in the evening.
    • Location:

Kung Krabaen Bay Development Study Center Chanthaburi Thailand Chao Lao Beach Chanthaburi

  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Chanthaburi

    • Tourists popularly call it Chan Mueang Christ Church. The only Roman Catholic Church in Chanthaburi. It is a popular tourist destination because the cathedral is one of the most beautiful in Thailand.
    • Location:

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Chanthaburi Thailand

  • Bang Chan Separated Sea

    • The highlight of Talay Yaek Chan is a natural phenomenon and one of the most unseen tourist attractions in the eastern region. The sandbar that rises above the water is approximately 700 meters long. Stretching in the middle of the sea, created by nature’s creativity.
    • Location:

Bang Chan Separated Sea Unseen Thailand

  • Chicken-shit prison

    • This prison was built in 1893, due to the French occupation of Chanthaburi. This prison is a square tower with a width of about 4.40 meters on each side and a height of about 7 meters. It is a historical tourist attraction that is worth seeing.
    • Location:

Chicken-shit prison Chanthaburi Thailand

  • Aquatic animal farming demonstration unit within Kung Krabaen Bay

    • The main mission of the Aquatic Animal Farming Demonstration Unit is to propagate aquatic animals. The highlight here is hand-feeding the sharks. Tourists like to buy fish food to feed the fish in cages, with many rare species of fish such as sharks, giant cichlids, elephant ear fish, etc.
    • Location:

Aquatic animal farming demonstration unit within Kung Krabaen Bay Chanthaburi Thailand

  • Blue Church Temple

    • The beauty of ceramic churches. Located next to the sea, the classically designed church is beautiful and unusual. Decorated with only two colors of ceramic, blue and white, this church is unique and beautiful, unlike any other.
    • Location:

Blue Church Temple Unseen Thailand

Welcome to Chao Lao Beach Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi is a place that welcomes tourists from all over the world. In addition to the beautiful sea, clean beaches, and quiet atmosphere, there are other tourist attractions nearby.

Chanthaburi is a small province but has many tourist attractions. Next time, I will introduce other tourist attractions within Chanthaburi province to you guys. Chanthaburi residents welcome all tourists.