Unseen Thailand Krating Waterfall, Chanthaburi, Thailand

Unseen Thailand Krating Waterfall. National Park of Khao Khitchakut, Krating Waterfall. The forest surrounding the Krating Waterfall is still fully developed;

it is a sizable forest, and the path from the waterfall to staff numbers 1 through 8 has been improved to make it more commodious to walk on and not too steep.

Unseen Thailand, Waterfall, Chanthaburi

Unseen Thailand Krating Waterfall, Chanthaburi.

It’s time to travel to the province of Chanthaburi’s stunning waterfalls. Pack your bags and get ready to go. Unseen Thailand Krating Waterfall is where I’m taking you.

Different levels of waterfalls.

The first floor resembles a basin with a fair amount of width. It is behind the national park lodge.
Only 10 meters separate the first and second floors, and a long stream is winding its way down from the third floor.

There are numerous swimming pools on the third floor, all with different depths. Most visitors come to swim in the third-floor basin, where there is also a stunning rope suspension bridge that blends in with nature. On this level, there are chairs available for resting, and there are also stores selling snacks and beverages in the park.

Due to the abundance of enormous trees on the fourth floor, the atmosphere is somewhat gloomy, and few people are playing in the water.

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Unseen Thailand Krating Waterfall, The splendor of the waterfall’s various levels.

A magnificent resting pavilion is located on the fifth floor. You can walk to the waterfall to play in the pavilion, but the pool is a little on the small side.

The atmosphere is friendly, even though not many people are playing. Make yourself comfortable enough to sit and rest before getting ready to ascend to the sixth floor.

If anyone can’t, stay on this floor. Some people were already discouraged when they saw the staircase leading to the sixth floor because it was too steep.

A tall, rocky cliff is where the sixth-level waterfall descends from. A pool of crystal-clear, chilly, emerald-green water can be found below.

The waterfall cascades down to a pool below on the seventh level, passing through a sizable stone courtyard. It is a very beautiful sight, and the water is crystal clear.

Khao Khitchakut, Krating Waterfall

The eighth level has the fewest waterfalls, but it is still very beautiful. The way up is a wooden staircase built by national park staff specifically for tourists.

The waterfall was hardly visible from the ninth floor because there were fallen trees blocking the way. To enter, visitors must navigate through trees that have fallen.

If we look up from this point, we will see a stream cascading from a tall cliff into a modest pool below. Due to the powerful current that originates from the height itself, swimming is not possible at this level.

Krating Waterfall น้ำตกกระทิง

Rules for safety should be followed.

There is a staircase leading to the 10th floor as well. There are only nine levels in Krating Waterfall. The staff will inform you.

As was stated at the outset, you should ask the staff to take you up if you want to go higher than on the ninth floor.

Absolutely, do not approach alone. We have warned you that it could be hazardous. Tourism in national parks must also be subject to the rules of the authorities.

Do you pause before acting to consider whether it is against the law or not? I hope you had a good time visiting the waterfall today.

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