In Thailand’s winter. Welcome to Northern Thailand.

In Thailand’s winter, I want everyone to know that it is already cold in Thailand. Thai people long for cold weather. Thailand is a tropical nation, so its residents eagerly anticipate winter.

I hardly ever feel the cold, which is unusual for someone who lives near the sea in the central, southern, and eastern parts of the country. That’s due to the terrain of our settlements.

Northeastern and northern regions will experience cold. I’m very envious because, like my home in Chanthaburi, the weather will be cold. Only 4-5 days of cold weather are experienced before hot weather returns.

I suggest foreign visitors go to the north of Thailand if they want to experience cool weather; a long weekend like this is perfect. If you want to sunbathe. I advise you to visit Chanthaburi.

In Thailand's winter Let's take a trip. trip in thailand

In Thailand’s winter, Let’s take a trip.

There are nine provinces in northern Thailand: Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Nan, Phayao, Phrae, Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Lamphun, and Uttaradit.

The northern region has world-class tourist attractions. It has a unique atmosphere. In the winter, it has a cool climate that is popular with many tourists.

Most tourists would like to go on a long vacation to the cool provinces. There are both small and large mountains in northern Thailand.

To experience the chilly climate and breathtaking scenery, many tourists from both domestic and foreign countries want to visit.

Recommended tourist attractions in North, Thailand In Thailand's winter

Recommended tourist attractions in North, Thailand

As I previously stated, there are nine provinces in northern Thailand. There are numerous tourist attractions in each province. Today, I’ll provide an example of an attraction for each province.

Chiang Rai’s Doi Pha Hee, In Thailand’s winter

Let’s start with the first Chiang Rai tourist destination. Excellent coffee can be found on Doi Pha Hee. There is a region close to the border between Thailand and Myanmar. There are indigenous “Akha” people residing in this village in this upland.

The locals will make a living by producing coffee for sale and growing 100% Arabica coffee varieties. Good-quality Ban Pha Hee coffee beans are sold both domestically and abroad and are of the highest quality.

Welcome to Northern Thailand. unseen thailand

Mon Jam, Chiang Mai

A 40-minute drive from Chiang Mai city, it is a cool location all year round. Fields of flowers can be found here, and the mountains are shrouded in a white fog.

Mon Jam has a Royal Project to cultivate vegetables and study the varieties of winter plants. Vegetables grown organically are from King Rama IX. Additionally, you can visit and discover how to grow winter crops.

In Thailand's winter

Road number 3, Nan.

In Nan, the main check-in location is Road No. 3. It is a road with a left and right curve that turns into a lovely curve that can be seen clearly. On the road, there is also a photo corner with the kilometre mark. In Thailand’s winter.

Road number 3, NanAmazing Thailand In Thailand's winter

Phu lang ka, Phayao

With a height of 900–1,720 meters, Phu Langka is a mountain range in the watershed mountain range and is found in Phu Langka Forest Park.

It is suitable to travel to see the view in the winter, but Phu Langka is equally stunning in the rainy season. Most importantly, there is less competition from other visitors than there is in the winter.

In Thailand's winter

I’d like to introduce four provinces today, along with four of their top tourist destinations. The following time, I’ll discuss five additional northern Thai provinces and five of their most well-known tourist attractions. In Thailand’s winter, welcome to Thailand.

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