Wintertime in Thailand. Pack your bags and go to Thailand.

Wintertime in Thailand. The temperature is cool. The last time, I spoke to the northern provinces about four provinces and four tourist attractions.

I’ll introduce five more provinces and five tourist attractions today. It is a famous tourist attraction in every province.

wat-rong-khun chiang-rai-thailand Wintertime in Thailand

Wintertime in Thailand. Welcome to Thailand.

If you want to travel to Thailand but aren’t sure which province to go to, you can choose one after reading this story. I really hope you enjoy your time in Thailand. Let’s take a trip.

Wintertime in Thailand Temple in Phrae, Thailand.

Phra That Cho Hae, Phrae

A sacred object is a phrae. Phra That Cho Hae is a 33-meter-tall, octagonal chedi with 11-meter sides and a square base. It is a piece of Chiang Saen-inspired art.

The Buddha’s left elbow, hair relics, and other relics are kept inside the pagoda. It is a historic location that dates back more than a thousand years. For a very long time, the address is in the city of Phrae.

Mae Hong Son Thailand Wintertime in Thailand

Forest of Thung Bua Tong, Doi Mae U Kho, Mae Hong Son

Thailand’s winter is when the bright yellow lotus flowers bloom. Once a year, this location is open to tourists. On November 9, 2022, this year officially began.

Here, Thung Bua Tong is situated 1,600 meters above sea level and is encircled by valleys. It is Thailand’s largest lotus field and is open to all visitors at the end of December.

Lampang's Thai Elephant Conservation Center

Lampang’s Thai Elephant Conservation Center

Do any travelers enjoy elephants? The Thai Elephant Conservation Center, which can care for up to fifty sick elephants, is something we recommend.

Visitors are welcome to come and see the elephants. Tourists can engage in a variety of activities with the elephants, including feeding, bathing, and riding them.

Wat Cham Thewi, Lamphun

Wat Cham Thewi, Lamphun

Wat Cham Thewi, The locals refer to it as Wat Kukut. Since the Lanna Thai era. Given that it was constructed around 755, it is significant historically.

It is a skilled Lavo craftsman, with an important archaeological site, an octagonal pagoda. It is one of the most significant historical and archaeological attractions.

Phu Soi Dao, Uttaradit Thailand

The Phu Soi Dao, Uttaradit

Phu Soi Dao is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists. The highest peak of Phu Soi Dao is surrounded by a fertile forest.

It is 2,102 meters above sea level. The purple flower field is the place’s main attraction. “Ngon Nak” is its name in Thai.

Welcome to Thailand Wintertime in Thailand

There are nine provinces and nine tourist attractions in North Thailand that I have introduced to you. Chiang Rai is the first province I’ll take you to, and I’ll tell you more about each one next time. Prepare to travel to Chiang Rai with me. I’ll see you soon.

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