My child is afraid of learning to swim

In Thailand, many schools teach swimming to young students. Some schools start swimming lessons in kindergarten, with children around 3–4 years old. Problems in learning to swim in some schools in Thailand are A parent asked the teacher, “My child is afraid of learning to swim.” Why is my child afraid? Did the teacher drown my child? Did my child choke on water? These questions greatly discouraged the teacher as he worked hard to teach.

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My child is afraid of learning to swim

My friend from a different school related a terrible incident to me. He said,
I demonstrated diving to the students and taught the children how to dive. I led the students to dive one by one for only about 2 seconds. My little student came home and informed his parents that “Today I drowned.” My teacher drowned me. “I am afraid, and I no longer want to learn how to swim.

The next day, Parents met with the school principal, Said I drowned the students, my child is afraid of learning to swim. Fortunately for me, the class teacher filmed a video clip during my teaching. Thanks to the class teacher for finding proof before I got fired.


Did you guys know? My friend told me with tears that, he told me about the incident at the swimming school, but they did not listen to my friend and the school director even reprimanded my friend. He was also fortunate to have evidence that he taught diving. He didn’t drown the students.

I’m a swimming teacher too, faced the same problem. But every time I’m teaching my students how to dive. I will explain to students that we are learning to dive or practicing holding our breath. I will have my class teacher tell my parents every time I have swimming lessons, for example, today I teach how to hold my breath and take each student 1-2 dives in 2-5 seconds each time. I’ll have my class teacher send photos from the swimming class and video clips to show the parents. I learned to protect myself because this kind of thing happens to me every year.


I understand the care of parents for their children.

I understand that parents always care about their children, but I want parents to listen to what teachers like me have to say. Sometimes young children’s linguistic communication becomes confused and leads to misunderstandings. Before parents say, “My child is afraid of learning to swim,” you should give your child time to adjust to the teacher and the lesson the teacher is teaching.

Fear in people’s hearts is not equal like five fingers are not equal in length. Some kids enjoy learning to swim, some kids are a little scared, and some kids are very scared. I want parents to give teachers time to teach. Every problem has a solution. Just give the teacher and students time to adjust to each other and get to know each other first, everything takes time.

I want all students to be able to float and swim for safety and to have the skills to take care of themselves when falling into the water. Students can stay afloat in the water for a long time and wait for help from others and be safe. This is what a swimming teacher like me needs.

I enjoy learning to swim. My child is afraid of learning to swim