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PHUKET TRAIL Plogging: A collaboration between DECATHLON PHUKET and Si Sunthon Subdistrict Municipality organized a walking-running activity to collect trash in the forest.

Plogging is a new form of exercise that is not yet popular in Thailand. But for foreign countries, competition activities like this have been organized for a long time.

Exercise by walking or running and picking up trash along the way. On the road used for competitions, in addition to benefiting from exercise, it is also considered a service to society.

กิจกรรม plogging


Location: Bang Niao Dam Dam

1st time: 21 July 2024

2nd time: September 15, 2024

Start time: 5:30 a.m.

Apply to join the activity and scan the QR code to register for free.


All event participants must complete the form as follows:.

  • Name-Surname
  • Telephone number that can be contacted
  • sex
  • age
  • Participation date: There are 2 days to choose from.
    • 21 July 2024 (1st time)
    • 15 September 2024 (2nd time)
    • Or will you join both times?
  • Participating distance
    • 6 kilometers
    • 15 kilometers
    • 20 kilometers
    • 25 kilometers
  • congenital disease

กิจกรรม เดิน-วิ่งเก็บขยะในป่า

Activity participants, need to prepare trail walking equipment such as water backpacks to prevent dehydration of runners along the way, hats for sun protection and heat protection, and trekking poles that should be lightweight. The material must be strong and durable, and gel food provides energy during activities.