Thai mango sticky rice on the stage of Coachella 2022 by Milli

Thai mango sticky rice stream became famous all over the world. When Millie performed at the Coachella 2022 music festival, she sang and ate mango sticky rice.

Make many people want to eat mango sticky rice as well. For those who can’t imagine the taste, We’ll tell you. This food is the traditional sweet food of Thailand.

Mango sticky rice had a long history since ancient times. There may have been this food since the Ayutthaya period (1350-1351 AD) according to the stories of the old people.

Milli eats mango sticky rice, thai mango sticky rice

It is a summer sweet dish that Thai people are very popular to eating. It’s not normal sticky rice eaten with papaya salad or grilled chicken, but it’s sticky rice mixed with coconut milk.

Do you know coconut milk? I will explain to you so that you can visualize and imagine what I am telling you.

Thai mango sticky rice, mango sticky rice

How to make Thai mango sticky rice.

Coconut milk is made by squeezing out the juice from the mature coconut meat. The water is thick white like milk.

Bring the coconut milk to a boil, and add sugar and salt. Nowadays, there are ready-to-use boxes of coconut milk. You don’t have to waste time making them.

But the sweet taste and aroma can’t compete with the freshly squeezed coconut milk from mature coconut meat.

Therefore, most people prefer to use fresh coconut milk in making Thai mango sticky rice over using ready-to-use boxes of coconut milk.

coconut milk

After getting the flavored coconut milk, we will cook the glutinous rice to use in making the coconut milk glutinous rice.

Cooking sticky rice is not difficult. You don’t need a stove like before. You can cook sticky rice from the electric rice cooker.

When the glutinous rice is cooked, put the cooked coconut milk in the rice cooker. Soak the coconut milk in the glutinous rice for about 20-30 minutes.

You will get the delicious moon glutinous rice. Take cooked coconut milk sticky rice and eat it with ripe mango.

This is a summer dessert in Thailand. I have a clip of how to make sticky rice with coconut milk from a rice cooker.

On the day you come to Thailand. I would like you to come in the summer. You can eat Thai mango sticky rice to your heart’s content.

Thailand’s summer is the season of various fruits. We welcome all tourists.