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Lampang Marathon 2022, Northern Thailand Running Fair

Lampang Marathon 2022, Northern Thailand Running Fair. December 2022, Northern Thailand has entered winter.

There is a good atmosphere and suitable for traveling very much. For athletes running from abroad who are interested in coming to compete in Thailand.

I would recommend you guys to try and apply for a running race in the north of our country. At the end of the year in Thailand, It’s the best weather.

And the northern region has the coldest climate in the country. It is very suitable for running such as marathons, mini marathons and trail running.


Today I have compiled a list of running events in Thailand for you. In addition to the race, I’m looking for beautiful sights close to the competition area.

welcome to the Lampang Marathon 2022 Thailand Marathon

Lampang Marathon 2022

Invite your friends to run in the Lampang Marathon together? Running a marathon in a good atmosphere in Thailand. December 11, 2022.

The program has been upgraded to an international standard competition. We can assure you that during the marathon, you will get maximum security.

Throughout the duration of the competition road will be closed and there will be a live broadcast as well.

This year, the organizer has received a certificate of field standard from the Athletics Association of Thailand. Under royal patronage It has arrived already.

All athletes can be confident in the conditions of the field. Precise distance and safety of the race route of Lampang Marathon 2022.

Northern Thailand Running Fair 2022

The organizer has invited leading runners to join the competition. Any runner who can break the record of Thailand.

You will also receive rewards from the “M-150 Break the Record” event. This list is divided into 4 distances:

Fun run, 5 kilometers, application fee 500-baht (Overall 1 – 3) Mini Marathon 10 kilometers, application fee 700-baht (divided by age range)

Half Marathon 21 kilometers, application fee 1,000 Baht (divided by age range) and Marathon 45.195 kilometers,

application fee 1,200 Baht (divided by age range) for VIP, the application fee 2,500 Baht.

application fee Lampang Marathon

Any runners interested? Hurry up to apply. Before the full amount. Then, you can’t regret it later. I warned you.

Click on the link to apply now.  >>  You don’t have to worry about accommodation between matches.

Even if you are a runner from abroad. I have accommodation close to the venue. For you to choose to stay, but hurry up to reserve.

Because at the end of the year It’s the tourist season of Thailand. You can find accommodation at this link >> Accommodation near the competition site

I want to invite runners from abroad. Come be a part of making the sporting history of northern Thailand.

Lampang Marathon 2022 start finish

Lampang Marathon: Recommended tourist attractions in Lampang.

Let’s help push this Lampang Marathon. It is another international standard running field. After finishing the race If you are not in a hurry to go back.

I recommend places to visit in Lampang. Allowing you to rest after tired from the competition. Lampang is a beautiful city in Thailand.

At the end of the year, the weather is very good. If you want to see the beauty of old temples in Thailand.

I want you to go to this place Wat Phra That Lampang Luang. This temple is regarded as the home temple.

In the city of Lanna people, There is an old and very beautiful inverted bell-shaped pagoda. If you are interested in geology or electricity generation technology.

I recommend you to visit the lignite coal mine. Like a mother, which is the largest coal in Thailand. The touristic attractions in Lampang are not that far away.

If you visit the botanical garden, you will see the beauty of a lot of different kinds of flowers. In the evening, you can go shopping at the old market,

visit in Lampang Lampang is a beautiful city

The walking street “Kad Kong Ta” with Thai houses. The ancient building is at least 100 years old, which makes it a classic.

Finally, before going back to the country, visit the “Chicken Brand” bowl (the name Thai people use to call this bowl)

At the Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum. Buy Chicken Bowls from Good Stuff in Lampang Province This can be a souvenir to bring back to your home.

I hope this article has helped you decide whether or not to come to Thailand.

Welcome everyone to Lampang, northern Thailand; welcome to the Lampang Marathon 2022.