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SAMUI RUN 2022. Run to conquer around Koh Samui Thailand.

SAMUI RUN 2022. Run to conquer around Koh Samui. Hello to the runners. I hope you all remember me.

I used to recommend running a marathon in Lampang. North Thailand, in the preceding article.

Today, I will talk to you about the marathon competition in the land of sea and mountains in Thailand.

SAMUI RUN 2022 runs around Koh Samui, Surat Thani province.

The city with the motto the city of hundreds of islands, delicious rambutan, large clams, egg yolk, source of Dharma.

Chaweng Beach SAMUI RUN 2022


The race takes place on Sunday, December 11, 2022. You read the details and decide quickly. Many people are interested in entering the competition.

The running distance is split into 4 distances: FUNRUN, a distance of 5 km, application fee 450 baht, MINI MARATHON distance 10km,

application fee 650 baht, half marathon distance 21km, application fee 800 baht and ULTRAMARATHON distance 55 km, application fee 1500 baht.

Runners aged 60 or over take part in the ULTRAMARATHON race, the right of application is reduced by 50%.

Anyone who wants to challenge his skills should run 55 kilometers. All runners will be given vouchers for eating and drinking at the event.

SAMUI RUN 2022. Read more and sign up to the contest. Register now >>>


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Highlights of Koh Samui.

For those who want to relax Soothe your tired body after run. I have a lot of sights recommend a visit.

Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket. It is in the Gulf of Thailand.

Chaweng Beach

On Koh Samui, this is the most well-liked beach where you can sunbathe. The beach is 6 kilometres long, with fine white sand,

crystal clear water, you can swim, lively atmosphere.


Lamai Beach

Crescent beach This is about 4 kilometres long. It is the second largest beach in Koh Samui, with beautifully planted coconut trees.

Fine white sand beach, clear water. You can do water sports like sailing or jet skiing.


SAMUI RUN 2022 Lamai Beach Chaweng Beach

Hin Ta Hin yay

Samui’s Landmark is big rocks with strange shapes Shaped like some organs.


Bophut Beach

If you like fresh seafood, I recommend you to visit this beach. Because this is the oldest fishing community on Koh Samui.

People like to come fishing and play water sports.


Lipa Noi Beach

This beach is quiet, not many people, beautiful nature, and I can sunbathe.


Besides the beach, there is also an old Thai temple on the island. Thai people like to go to pray. To do anything and get success.

Or Wat Phra Chedi Laem Sor Inside the Chedi enshrines the blessings of the Buddha relics. Coming into the running race with SAMUI RUN 2022 this time.

You must have a good experience. In coming to race in Thailand for sure. Welcome to Thailand.