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Unseen Chanthaburi. Let’s get to know Chanthaburi, Thailand.

Today, I’m going to talk about Unseen Chanthaburi. Why do you only tell stories about Chanthaburi Province?

Don’t you think to mention the most popular provinces in Thailand? That’s right, I take you on a journey through my storytelling.

And mostly I will tell about Chanthaburi Province. That’s because I’m here. I moved to Chanthaburi 8 years ago,

but I still managed to visit only a few places because the province has many tourist attractions. Chanthaburi has seas,

waterfalls, mountains, dams, reservoirs, national parks, camping grounds, coffee shops, restaurants and much more.

The day I won the first lottery, the extensive set. I’m going to travel abroad. In Japan, I want to go there. It’s my dream.

And I will come back and tell you about my first trip abroad in my life. How do I win the lottery? Since I’ve never bought a lottery ticket even once.

Beautiful Waterfalls Thailand

Unseen Chanthaburi Let’s get to know Chanthaburi, Thailand.

Chanthaburi is a small province, rich in natural resources. Today, I’ll introduce you to Chanthaburi Province through its provincial motto.

Beautiful Waterfalls, the City of Fruits, Good Pepper, Plenty of Gemstones, Chanthaboon Mats, Fertility of Nature,

and King Taksin, the Glorious Hero Great, to save the Thai nation. Chanthaburi is a small province with an area of approximately 3,961,250 rai.

In the north, it borders Chachoengsao and Sa Kaeo. In the east, it borders Trat and Cambodia. In the south,

it borders Trat and the Gulf of Thailand. The west is adjacent to Rayong Province. Chonburi Province and the Gulf of Thailand.

Unseen thailand

Phlio Waterfall.

The unseen waterfall in Chanthaburi is Namtok Philo, which is in Namtok Phlio National Park. This waterfall is in Laem Sing District.

Within Namtok Phlio National Park, you will see a monument of love for King Rama V (I will tell you more about it next time).

Service rate: foreigners, children 100 baht, adults 200 baht. Keep the card with you at all times for the staff to inspect. Unseen Chanthaburi.

Unseen Chanthaburi Phlio Waterfall

City of Fruits.

Chanthaburi’s famous fruits are rambutan, mangosteen, langsat, longkong, sala, rakam and the king of fruits durian.

Did you know that there are many varieties of durian in Thailand? The taste of each species is different. Colours, shapes,

thorns, and aromas vary from species to species. For me every strain is delicious. Durian is my favourite fruit.

Chanthaburi fruit season Some homestays will also allow customers to eat fresh fruit from the tree.

the king of fruits durian. Unseen Chanthaburi.

Good black pepper.

Black pepper is a locally produced product with a high – quality assurance and the country’s largest producer of black pepper.

Chanthaburi has soil and a climate suitable for growing peppers. Chanthaburi’s pepper has a spicy taste and a pungent aroma.

You can do some research and order a good black pepper product like this online to taste.

Good black pepper Chanthaburi travel thailand

Chanthaboon Mats

They made mats from reeds grown in brackish water. This reed has special features. The fibers are tough and strong.

When processed into local products, they are of good quality, durable, beautiful and available online. If interested, order now.

King Taksin the Great

In the old days, this person was the saviour of independence from Thailand. He gathered people to live in Chanthaburi Province.

And went back to fight with Burma and spent 7 months in the battle. He was victorious. Got the city back.

King Taksin พระเจ้าตากสิน Unseen Thailand

This is a brief introduction to Chanthaburi. Next time, I will tell you about Namtok Phlio for you to read. You can follow me on Facebook.

I will bring pictures of beautiful tourist attractions in Chanthaburi province to post for friends to see.