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Unseen Chanthaburi Huai Tabo, secret reservoir.

Today, a Thai girl like me will take you on a trip to Unseen Chanthaburi Huai Tabo. Chanthaburi Province is on the eastern coast of Thailand.

Here there is a beautiful sea, clear water and beautiful sandy beaches. I have already introduced attractions and seaside restaurants in my stories before.

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Huai Tabo Reservoir, Chanthaburi

Unseen Chanthaburi Huai Tabo.

Huai Tabo, also known as Pang Ung, Mueang Chan, is a reservoir located in the National Park Protection Unit Phlio Waterfall 2,

about 13 kilometres from the city of Chanthaburi. If you are a person who loves camping, you will surely fall in love with the nature of this reservoir.

You will be able to pitch a tent by the water. In the background is a Mountain View that surrounds this reservoir. If you come during the rainy season,

and you are about to enter the winter in Thailand. You will also be able to see the beauty of the thick fog floating above the water’s surface in the pre-dawn light.

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Unseen in Thailand.

Every time I go, I get up very early. To come out to feel the cool air, sit and sip coffee, listen to the birds singing,

and look at the beautiful view in the middle of the fertile forest. For those who like to play in the water,

this reservoir is allowed them to swim in the area provided by the staff. There will be a buoy telling the territory.

If beyond the buoy, it will be a very deep water part. Officials fear that there will be a danger. Therefore,

do not allow swimming in deep water areas. Everyone who comes should also obey the rules. For your safety.

Unseen Chanthaburi Huai Tabo Thailand

Set up a tent to stay overnight by the reservoir.

For those who want to go camping in a tent, go for a picnic at Unseen Chanthaburi Huai Tabo. You can inquire with the staff in front of the entrance.

Declare your want to spend the night by setting up a tent next to the river for one night (or staying 2-3 nights, specify the number clearly).

For individuals who would like to experience the atmosphere with the reservoir but do not have tents.

Inform the staff that you want to hire one sleeping tent that can accommodate two to three people and that you must also bring pillows and blankets.

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Let’s cook camping. Unseen Chanthaburi Huai Tabo

You can cook it yourself. You can use the stove, but don’t set a fire directly on the floor. After cooking, extinguish the fire completely.

(You must bring your cooking equipment) If you don’t have any kitchen utensils. In front of the entrance to Huai Tabo Unseen Chanthaburi,

there is a small shop. You can order food or buy instant noodles to eat. When the food is full, put the garbage in a bag and tie the mouth of the bag.

And take it to leave the area that the staff has arranged. If you are a person who likes waterfront atmosphere amidst nature and mountains,

when do you have a chance to visit Thailand? Don’t forget to visit Huai Tabo Reservoir, Chanthaburi.

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