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Thailand camping ground. Get the atmosphere into the early winter.

Thailand camping ground. Today, I’ll take you to the camping ground in southern Thailand. You will see a beautiful atmosphere.

View of the land looking to the end to see the sea. The wetness of the late season of the rainy season as winter approaches,

the forest is in perfect shape and is perfect for camping. I guarantee you an enjoyable experience of travelling to Thailand.

Thailand's camping ground camping ground

Recommended place: Thailand camping ground.

Pha Hin Dam

Pha Hin Dam, a camping ground in Phuket. Anyone who likes camping must come to this place. Because here are calm, shady and not many people.

It is a viewpoint that tourists do not know much about. Travelling up to the top, there will be a car of villagers coming to serve you.

This 360-degree viewpoint overlooks Chalong Bay, Koh Lon, Promthep Cape, Windmill Viewpoint, Yanui Beach, Maiton Island and Koh Kaew Phitsadan.

Worth the trip to visit. I recommend coming here. Facebook: TAT Phuket: Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket Office

Google Maps: Pha Hin Dam 

CALL: +6676212213, +6676211036

Wang Pha Mek, a tourist attraction in Trang Thailand camping ground

Wang Pha Mek

Wang Pha Mek, a tourist attraction in Trang southern sea mist Thailand camping ground, Trang. They make skywalk viewpoint in Trang Province of wood,

Open for service from 04.30 hrs. Going staff will guide to this viewpoint. The height above sea level is about 1600 meters, and it takes about 1 hour to walk up.

If you are lucky, you can see the sea of clouds in the early morning, and in the evening, it is perfect for watching the beautiful sunset.

Wang Pha Mek has a camping ground to serve tourists and houses for those who want to relax comfortably.

Google Maps: Wang Pha Mek

CALL: +66872685351

Wang Pha Mek, a tourist attraction in Trang

Kuan Mo

Khuan Mo, Sea of ​​Fog, Satun. This viewpoint is a wooden bridge protruding from the cliff. It is a tourist attraction that receives few tourists.

No more than 50 people at a time. Walk from the bottom up to the viewpoint, a distance of 400 meters. It takes you about 15 minutes to walk.

It is a highlight to see the mist and the morning sunrise. At the top of the viewpoint, there is a restaurant to serve tourists with cheap and delicious food.

Google Maps: Kuan Mo

CALL: +66864806165

Khuan Mo, Sea of ​​Fog, Satun

Recommended camping ground today. Some places have to walk up, some places have to ride the local people’s cabs up.

You can call for any inquiries at the phone number we provided. For convenience in traveling. Welcome to Thailand’s camping ground