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BanMae cafe Chanthaburi

I was out for a ride and happened to stumble upon a coffee and dessert shop. The atmosphere inside BanMae Cafe Chanthaburi , a small cafe by the side of the road, is excellent. Well decorated and stylish, perfect for Instagr am lovers.

BanMae cafe  Chanthaburi

BanMae cafe Chanthaburi ,Thailand

The word “Mae” is a local dialect of this word, meaning “Mother”. We often see this cafe because it is near Khao Sukim Temple. Easy to travel The style of this store is cute.

There is warmth like being in the backyard, either in loft style or in camping style: comfortable sitting, good weather, trees, grass, shady, complete with a fan.

This shop is open from 9:00 to 17:00 and is closed on Tuesdays. The cafe has an outdoor zone where you can sit and drink hot and cold drinks.

Ready-to-eat cakes or various homemade desserts. The coffee here, in my opinion, is excellent. I selected the Americano Honey with Ma-Peed item from the menu.

The combination of the coffee’s bitterness, the honey’s sweetness, and the Ma-Peed’s sourness was surprisingly satisfying. Everybody who comes to this cafe should try this menu, in my opinion.

A lot of people are curious about Ma-Peed. I’ll explain to you in simple terms Ma-Peed looks similar to an orange or lemon, but is smaller in size, sour in taste, and high in vitamin C.

Can be substituted for lemons or oranges. It is a fruit that is native to Chanthaburi. The Ma-Peed is mixed into the coffee in many cafes in Chanthaburi.

Homemade cakes from the shop include butterfly pea coconut cake, ma-pee cheese tart, burnt brownie cheesecake, almond coffee cake, blueberry custard, blueberry cheese pie, chocolate mousse cake, Nutella brownie, caramel custard, and caramel banoffee.

I ordered 1 piece of caramel Banoffee; the taste is very good—mellow, not too sweet, and the caramel aroma goes well with the Americano coffee.

BanMae cafe Chanthaburi

The location of the shop is in Tha Mai District, next to the guard box at Wat Khao Sukim. The shop has convenient parking and is located by the road. Anyone passing through Khao Sukim Temple can stop by for cake and coffee at BanMae Cafe Chanthaburi.


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