Nong Thale

Besides Bangkok, Thailand has many tourist attractions, and every province in Thailand has hidden beauty. “Krabi” is a province in the south of Thailand. It is a famous tourist town with white sandy beaches, clear waters, coral reefs, caves, and more than 130 islands. “Nong Thale” is a place I would like to recommend to you.

This place There is a very rich nature. There is a large pond, people live a simple life with self-sufficiency in agriculture, are an example of a conservation community, and have a history of the local people. This city is, therefore, an interesting community.

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Ban Nong Thale Community, Krabi, Thailand.

Nong Thale is a large source of fresh water. Surrounded by beautiful nature. Long ago, this area was uncared for and deserted. Later, the community worked together to restore this place.

The locals have turned this place into a tourist attraction. The landscape has beautiful mountain ranges, strange limestone formations, and rare local trees.

Tourists who come to this place fall in love with the scenery and beauty and must come back to visit again.

Popular activities

  • Watch the sunrise
  • See the beauty of the limestone mountains
  • Bamboo rafting
  • Kayaking
  • Eat delicious food and ancient recipes
  • See an ancient wooden house that is over 100 years old
  • Look at the way of life of the villagers

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Nearby attractions

  • Khao Ngon Naga Viewpoint
    • It is a path to studying nature. Emphasis on adventures in the forest. Tourists often come to check in and take photos at the ridge of Khao Ngon Naga.
  • Klong Muang Beach
    • Suitable for tourists who like tranquility. You will be surrounded by nature. Experience beautiful white sandy beaches and clear blue sea water suitable for relaxing.
  • Lao La Ding Island
    • Paradise Island is in the Krabi Sea. Located in Than Bok Khorani National Park, Ao Luek District, this island is a bird’s nest concession island. But the island is open to tourists to visit and relax.
  • Mirror Lake Krabi
    • natural pool In Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, this place is very beautiful, with clear, emerald green water. This pond is a limestone pond where you can swim.

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